Sunday, July 30, 2017


Galleries typically take a 50% commission on the sale of artwork, photos, mono types, etc.,
and anywhere from 33.3% to 40%.   Artists who feels that they are "starving" it's difficult to imagine how it could possibly make sense to "give away" half of your sale price.

       The cost of classes, paint and time that goes into creating a single painting is not considered by most buyers. 
    I can paint a painting three times before I get it right and that's the way it is for all artists. This is the trial and error process to creating what we feel acceptable in a painting, and this is what the public does not see what happens in the studio. The cost of paint, canvas, brush, classes, schooling, mediums and the time is never considered into creating art.

       Most artist study and read more then they paint and we have to paint everyday to maintain and master our medium.  If and artist paints several mediums, its more hours in the studio.
      As artists, are perfectionist and our name is on that painting and a must to get it right if its going to be in a gallery and if not, the gallery will not accept our work. 

       The Value of any piece of art is comprised to two components
     One part is the value of the art is created in the studio and creativity to produce, the second part is the value and effort with creativity that goes into marketing and promoting the art. 
           Getting into galleries takes preparation and work and maintaining the gallery relationship. There are also cost involved in getting  art into the gallery, this is also taken into account when calculating the visibility of selling through galleries. 
      A high end gallery will take more money as they will market good artists and the artist must be qualified to display in that gallery to reassure demand for their work in sales.  When the gallery closes and goes under, that is another issue for artist getting their artwork returned or receiving payment from the sale of a painting.  It's a lot more legal cost to getting your money or artwork back.

    As artists, we need to market, do our own bookwork, commissions, paint, work galleries, blog, sell in galleries, we sell on line, keep up with new works, more schooling and up to date on mediums and their use,  image our work for online galleries.  and the list goes on... We also teach art classes to help pay for supplies when sales are slow.
 ........An artist life is always busy......


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