Friday, January 16, 2015


When is an artist’s work finished? 

Part of being able to know when you're finished is not putting too much pressure on yourself. 

Once my painting has left my studio, I consider it finished. 
When the final correction to a manuscript, when the composer writes the last note of a symphony, or when the painter puts the last brushstroke on the canvas.

    My paintings are painted upside down for at least 40% of the time while working on that painting. 
    For some artist it may take years before a work seems ready to leave the studio.

    I paint at least five to six paintings at a time to keep from getting stuck on one painting due to many hours in the studio.
     Having a fresh painting keeps me on the move and never get lost in a painting. 
    Unfinished paintings waiting to dry for the next coat, are hung on the walls in my hallway.

   Starting a painting after I sketch, then apply a thin coat of primer 
for the values. I then let that dry for a couple of hours before I start the next layer.  
 I paint some detail on most of my oil, then I go back and paint the impressionist brush style.

   I love to use bright colors on most of my work.
Some of of my paintings are more on the softer side with natural colors for landscapes.   

Here is the stages of "SIRENS" in image I took from Port Townsend while having a glass and listening the Irish music from this band. They play on Tuesday nights there at the Sirens pub. We became friends when I shared and gave them prints on my next visit. Still friends today and they play at the Global Bean in Silverdale, WA.

        "SIRENS, Port Townsend, WA

        First primer and sketch.

Here is the second coat about a week later, due to drying time.

 Slowly coming together very nice.

Here is the finished Painting and a fun painting to paint.
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Here is another painting . with displaying images of my progression.

  Oil painting 30x40  1.5 inch sides with mirror painted sides.
Painting available for sale.
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