Friday, March 10, 2017


......Creativity beyond the brush started out with my passion at a young age, taking classes after school and investing in what I have loved for many years there after.  
      Investing in what I love and sticking to it.
I have been an artist for 44 years and have no plans of retiring from the brush anytime soon. I just keep learning as I'm never too old to learn more brush techniques and the use of new mediums out there.

      I have enjoyed trying out other creative venues, but I found out that painting was my true love and so I just focused on that with taking more classes to better myself.

..................... I think my advice to anyone, if you find your passion, don't let your life pass and putting off your dream, because the older we get the faster time passes. 
         When you find your passion or dream, stick with it and invest in it because you are investing in yourself and that's what creates who you are, and your passionate soul.  It  also helps get you through tough times. Your passion will never leave you.

......To be a creative can often feel like a choice that is both insane and thrilling in equal measure when I’m in the studio.  My art has been a balance with all kinds of the normal ups and downs of emotional challenges in any normal life.

........What many artist have in common, is an excruciating sensitivity to their surroundings.

........Nature is at our attention and takes a deep hold on us while we observe it quietly and intensely. The artist visually describes the scene through a brush, but the viewer completes it by what is personally meaningful.
          When painting for a show and making sure I have enough art to display for a solo show and not displaying art I displayed at the last show, can be long hours painting in the studio, I depend on putting feeling in everything I create with the brush and painting new works if I have a show back to back.
          I must find a way to live in the uncertain, wild space between what success looks like to others and what success feels like to me.  Choosing a creative career is not something for the weak-willed, the comfort-chasers, the ones who need to know how their life will splay out ahead of them for years and years to come.
          Being an artists since I was 19 years old, I have always worked a full time job, besides going to college.   Art was a luxury passion that was costly with saving extra cash so I could buy my art supplies, and save for classes to better myself.  Once in a while I was lucky to sell a few pieces of art and make a few dollars.   The "little" extra cash and I mean "little" was a way to help pay for my art supplies.
          Taking time to paint was limited even later with being married, working a full time and having a family, but I continued to paint and display my art where ever I could just to get my name out there.
 ...... Most of my art has been created from places I have been and that has  had an impact on my emotions.  The daily life of people in local pubs, public markets, the beach landscape, gardens, landscapes and cityscape's all play a part on my emotions with creativity in the studio.

         I frequently hide the steps that lead to my masterpieces and if a watercolor painting,  I have had to paint it two and three times to get it right.  
 I would rather create the work that inspires me most.  My best kind of art comes from a place of empathy and compassion, from an inherent curiosity around the human experience.
 Highly creative understand curiosity around humanity is what brings me to the art work, the instrument, the canvas, the laptop, the camera, and the drawing board.    

It takes a certain degree of  an empathic view of the world and artists understand that at the core of their work is a desire to move people with their art.   This means they have a high level of respect for whoever will meet  their work.

        Creatives know that their empathy, their compassion is at the heart of their work.

.............All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness.
                       Eckhart Tolle
..............Painting is the silence of thought and the music of sight
-                      Orhan Pamuk

..............I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious.
                        Andrew Wyeth

...........You cannot find what the poets find in the woods until you take the poet's heart to the woods.
                       John Burrougs

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